Thursday, April 9, 2009

Former KKK Supporter Apologizes

I'll end on a bright note given that this is a disturbing subject. reported that Elwin Hope Wilson, 72, and a former KKK member, is seeking forgiveness for his racist past.

Wilson who has brutally beat black people, burned crosses, and been an avid supporter of white supremacy is reportedly finding repentance in his old age.

Wilson has even taken his apologies into predominately black churches for all to hear.

Stories like this one bring hope that people will see the reality that we are all human and equals.

White Supremacist Meeting Cancelled reported that a meeting of a white supremacist group scheduled to take place in Boston has been cancelled.

They had rented space out in a hall but the owners of the venue pulled the plug.

The point that I wanted to make with this article is that white supremacist meetings still take place. They may even have been devout KKK members.

Again, its 2009, and we still have people who believe that one race is superior to all others.

Obama Chia Pet? Seriously??

Why is it that everyone feels compelled to capitalize on the Obama presidency? And why must it all be so tied in to race? The answers to these questions are priceless. reported that Walgreen's stores in Tampa and Chicago recently pulled this Obama inspired Chia pet from their shelves.

Walgreen's spokesman Robert Elfinger stated that "We decided to pull the product so we're not subject to any political interpretation of the product".

So corporate liability is more important that racism huh?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Racism Doll Test

Good Morning America is doing a 3 part series analyzing race relations today called "Black and White Now."

The first part is extremely compelling.

In the 1940's a common sociological test used to analyze race relations was the doll test. This experiment presented young African American girls with two toy dolls, one white and one black.

63% of the girls chose the white doll, saying that it was prettier.

ABC decided to try the test out today. This time of 16 African American girls, some 80% favored playing with the black doll. MSNBC did a similar test as well, their video is posted below.

It's incredible to see such young and naive kids responding in such racially bias ways. Unfortunately, it's clear that race socialization begins at an early age, and it's not all positive.

Racism Well And Alive In NYC reported that a summit in New York City this past week discussed the problem of race relations in the city's restaurant industry.

The summit, appropriately entitled "The Great Service Divide" focused on the city's highly racist hiring practices. An experiment was conducted in which matching applicants were sent to apply to 327 high end restaurants, one white, one black.

The results were despicable, but not too surprising.

The people of color were half as likely to get job offers, and even less likely to get an interview. Is it 2009 or 1960?

While it is disturbing to see these facts, I am appreciative that someone felt the need to bring the issue to the forefront.

New York City, commonly thought of as one of the most diverse cities in the

"True Colors?"

I'm honestly not quite sure how I feel about this one.

A new web series on called "True Colors" claims that it's "aim to extract funny by exposing the racism that's just below the surface of American life, with covert spy cameras."

What is funny about any kind of racism is unclear.

In this episode, someone apparently thought it was funny to see how an African American woman would react to finding out her doctor was a KKK member.

Check it out, I'm just curious to know who finds any humor in this.

From Crackle: Dr. KKK

Friday, March 20, 2009

"Still Two Nations?"

A conference today, March 20, at Duke University entitled "Still Two Nations?" is underway to discuss whether or not America is still divided by issues of race today.

Duke Professors Paula McClain, William Darity, and University of Maryland Professor Bonnie Thornton Dill conducted the conference.

NPR's radio program "Tell Me More" covered the event.

Paula McClain gave evidence of racism when she was closing on a home loan with her husband. She stated that her loan form was pre-filled with white under ethnicity because the loaners assumed that because of their great credit that they must have been white.

The overall consensus among the professors was that although race relations have improved, that race is still very present in American society today.

Professor Darity stated that even today whites "still have the highest status and the greatest amount of resources both economically and politically."